Jacket & trousers & LED headlight combo

$456.50 inc. GST

Customer Feedback

“On our dairy farm wet weather gear gets a hard life.  This gear has proven to be able to handle a thrashing since it was purchased.  On top of that, what I like the most is that it’s very warm and super light weight, which for me means it’s much easier to work in and way more comfortable than other wet weather gear I have had.”  

                  — Daryl, Hangatiki, Dairy farmer,

                     purchased September 2015


“The gear is fantastic, certainly last the distance.   Very comfortable!”  

                  — Ian, Cambridge, Dairy & Dry stock farmer,

                     purchased May, 2015


“Where I am wet weather gear is vital as we get a lot of rain.  Having good reliable gear that lasts is important and this Blacksheep gear has stood up to the challenge!”

                  — Angelene, Base of the Kaimai’s, Calf Rearer / Dry stock,

                     purchased Spring, 2015


Our jacket is made of 3 layers.

External layer is oxford woven, nylon polyester. We specially developed this material together with fabric specialists to ensure extra resilience, 100% water proofing and completely breathable at the same time.

The internal fabric is made of a layer of water proofing membrane and a layer of polyester fleece fused together.  The membrane provides another layer of water proofing yet breathable while the fleece keeps you warm in the cold weather, draws sweat away from your body, dry quickly and feels very comfortable.

With these 3 layers of specially developed fabrics, our jacket is 100% water proof, breathable, warm and comfortable.


  • Easy adjustable hood design for great visibility


  • Seal proof sleeves to stop water getting in


  • Two large pockets on each side
  • Smart phone/Notebook chest pocket


LED Headlight
This is a top end quality LED headlight. We designed the product in New Zealand based on local farmers needs, then for the next 2 years we tested the product in various regions throughout New Zealand, including Waikato, Hawks bay, Auckland, McKenzie, Invercargill etc… Now with all refinement, we’re confident to bring you the perfect waterproof, long lasting, shock resilient Blacksheep LED headlight!


  1. Water Proof
  2. Shock resilient
  3. Super long lasting battery

1. Rechargeable in many ways: wall plug, USB (computer/laptop), car/motorbike cigarette lighter
2. Battery lasts over 10 hours under normal usage – this is a very conservative estimate. Most of our clients have been using the headlight for a whole year without a single charge!


*Please note: This warranty applies to any paid goods – any free pants/bibs that come with the purchase of a jacket are not covered by this warranty.

Please note:

  • If you require different size trousers from the jacket, please select the Jacket’s size and when you checkout please leave a comment to say which size you want your trousers.
  • M trousers are now out of stock for this season.  We do have M jackets available, which you can choose to go with L trousers as a set if that fits




SizeChest (cm)Waist (cm)
S92 – 9580 – 84
M98 – 10286 – 90
L106 – 11094 – 98
XL114 – 118102 – 106
XXL122 – 126110 – 114


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M Jacket + L trousers, M Jacket + S trousers, Small, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large