LED Headlight

$57.50 inc. GST

This is a high end, quality LED headlight. We designed the product in New Zealand based on local farmers needs, then for the next 2 years we tested the product in various regions throughout New Zealand, including Waikato, Hawks bay, Auckland, McKenzie, Invercargill etc… Now with all refinement, we’re confident to bring you the perfect waterproof, long lasting, shock resilient Blacksheep LED headlight!


1. Water Proof
2. Shock resilient
3. Super long lasting battery

1. Rechargeable in many ways: wall plug, USB (computer/laptop), car/motorbike cigarette lighter
2. Battery lasts over 10 hours under normal usage – this is a very conservative estimate. Most of our clients have been using the headlight for a several months without a single charge!


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